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Who we be

Our mission is to create small positive encounters in our community, while making the action of giving fun, social, and easy.

Dollar Collective was founded in January 2012 in Vancouver, BC and now has members in many countries all over earth.

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Meet the Team

Every member in the Dollar Collective is pretty darn special. Whether they're proposing new ideas, voting, carrying out good deeds, or even just giving their dollar, everyone plays a crucial part.


Our members are all over the world. But in case you want their names, they are:

Louise Hesselvik, Daniel Bower, Johnny Lyall, Michael Cranston, Caitriona Feeney, Gavin Wilson, Ilana Lowes, Mike Hawkins, Andrew Bull, Stephen Ross, Jeff Jacobson, Luke Jenkins, Frances Dobranzki(sp?), Richard Hungerford, Angus Anton, Martin De Bakker, Leo Margul, Kari Williams, Daniel Hawkins, Stuat Allester, Joseph Zed, Pat Lloyd Smith, Tomah Phillips, Vaughn Richards, Andrew Hoffman, Sam Ryley, Caitlin O’Connor, Isaac King, Melissa Da Silva, Jess Leger, Willy Wright, Sean Turner, Jake Ellis, Georgia Pears, Jess Hayden, Heather Beaty, Colin Harper, Emma Nemtin, Jasmine McEachern, Daniel Klein, Rachel Klein, Ashley Ortega, Morgan McDonald, Ruby Smith, Mari Dickerson, Ally Graham, David Waterman, Mitch Ballentine, Elisa Lloyd-Smith, Jeff Hawkins, Colby Ramsay, David Puterman, Tayhler Paul, Tim Hindmarch Watson, Zoe Hassall, Thomas Lafeuille, Max Osburn, Kristen Dobbin, Stephanie McClellan, Chris Penney, Mayra Lopez-Humphreys, and growing.