Act #1 Perfect Strangers

Valentines, possibly the most sacred and genuine holiday event of the year, is a time to express your love… to a complete stranger. Celebrating our launch and first event, we, the dollar collective, went to a random restaurant to pay for an unsuspecting and affectionate young couple’s Valentines dinner.


I received an email the following day from Dan (yup, both named Dan!)…

Hey Dan,

It’s the other Dan from the Rumpus Room last night (thanks again, by the way!)

 Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that once you guys do a few more of these and have a few stories to tell, you should definitely do a media push. It’s a great story that could be picked up by a few outlets in the City. Doerthe works at OpenFile (I think you have her card) and I’m at Citytv, so feel free to contact us if you have a press release you want to send out.

 Good luck with this adventure. Doerthe and I are still thinking of how we can pay our $50 forward…will keep you posted.


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