Act #3 Parking Meter Fairy

This event we decided to give away $35 to pay for a strangers parking ticket, and use the remaining money ($15) to help feed parking meters that had ran out. Seems simple enough, but this event was poorly executed. After feeding the parking meters I was informed by a few people that they were not in fact ‘empty’ but that they had been paid via a smartphone and were not actually in danger of any parking ticket. FAIL. The $35 parking ticket part went almost equally as poorly. After many outings with different DC members I finally came across a bunch of cars with tickets. One car was selected and the envelop and money was placed on the windshield.  I stuck around to film it, but decided not to approach the recipient of the money, for reasons unknown. It was very, very poorly documented. See below for a glimpse of the action.



[our lucky* winner]

You can check out  1 second of the event on the link below. The money/envelop was placed on the windshield and I waited around for the driver to return. The total video was about 90 seconds long, and is probably one of the most boring and pointless youtube videos ever created.  I was pretending to read my book, with one hand on the camera, as I tried to zoom in for a reaction. Turns out I completely missed everything, as a result of pretending to read my book and not actually focusing on what I was filming. I did however get to watch her as she opened the envelop and pulled out the money. She was very weirded out and confused. She did a full circle look around then jumped in her car.

Hopefully next time we can bring a film crew. Or at least someone who knows how to operate a camera.

Here is the lucky* winner’s response:

I – yes ME – I was the “lucky” recipient of the $35 for my parking ticket! I was so thrilled and it’s too bad you weren’t able to capture my full reaction on the video. It ruins your day getting a ticket so it completely made my day when I saw the envelope and realized what was inside. If you were filming from the other side, you would have seen a huge smile (while still confused) and I did look around to see if the responsible party was still present. When I got in my car I immediatley called a friend and told her about it and she looked up the website so it was only then that I fully understood what was going on. I have told EVERYBODY I know and run into about this. So please don’t think of this event as a failure – perhaps only your filmin skills haha.
Thank you so much!

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