Every few weeks our members carry out random acts of kindness. There aren't any rules in place of what they should be, but there's a guiding principle that we spend the money on a kind act that benefits someone or something beyond ourselves.

As a result of these broad rules, past acts have varied from direct things (like buying strangers dinner or the homeless sweaters) to indirect ones (like donating to Kiva, The FoodBank, and Kickstarter), or just plain silly like paying for parking tickets or leaving envelops of cash around the city... whatever we can dream of. Check out some previous acts below.

Act #17

Get Warm Project

This past winter we held an open skate fundraiser to help raise money for Vancouver’s Get Warm Project. Unfortunately, the event didn’t raise any funds, but we still donated $60 to this generous project. The Get Warm Project helps keep Vancouver’s street population keep warm during the Winter. Read more about the Get Warm Project here.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to get involved in the project – from volunteering your time, or donating any quality goods + clothing.

Past Acts

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We're still updating our site, but you can view all our past acts and events by visiting our old blog.

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