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What is the Dollar Collective?

Dollar Collective is a group of people doing kind acts and brightening our community. Our goal is to 1) do kind and awesome things for others in our community  (think Random Acts of Kindness) and 2) make it enjoyable for our members and bring more valuable to their dollar.

OK, but how does it work?

Another good question. In a nutshell, we collect money from our members, then spend it on people outside of the group.

Here's the 5 steps involved:

1. Join  === Members join by contributing money to the collective;

2. Propose an Act ==== Each month, we discuss and propose ways we can spend a portion of the money;

3. Vote ===  Each member votes on their favourite act;

4. Action === We spend the money ($1 per member) and complete the act;

5. Share === Finally, we document the act and share it online for other members to enjoy.

What kind of things do we do?

Anything we want, as long as we are spending it on others. Some of our acts include: treating a random couple to dinner on Valentines Day; paying for someone’s parking ticket; leaving envelopes full of money for random strangers; planting a tree in a park; funding community and public projects; supporting charitable organizations like Kiva, etc.

How is it fun for members?

This is a main focus for the us. A lot of time when we give to organizations we don't know exactly where our money goes or how it's making a difference.

We document each act through video, photo and/or text, and try to capture exactly how every cent was spent and how it is making a difference. While the things we do may be “small” acts, we hope to create differences that we can see. We also try to make this fun and entertaining by choosing fun and interesting activities (duh!).