Join the Dollar Collective, they say?

We broke it down to two easy steps:

  1. Make a contribution* (choose method below), then
  2. Join our Facebook group

*We accept contributions of any amount, big or small - but would suggest a minimum of $12 for the year. That way roughly $1 can go towards each act of kindness.


Ways to pays


Send e-transfers (free with RBC) to dollarcollective@gmail.com.


Send with PayPal


Subscribe to a model that fits your needs and gives.

Visit our Patreon page


Notes on giving

What happens if you want to give more than $12? It means we have more money to give, so it's greatly appreciated. But all members, whatever amount they give, get equal benefits.

Can I give $1? I suppose, but keep in mind there may be a $1 transaction fee.

Can I get a donation or tax receipt? Sadly no. We've tried to get charity status, but because this charity isn't beholden to a specific cause (we just give randomly) we can't give out receipts.

How is my money being spent? All money is pooled together, and will be used for random acts of kindness. Soon, a small percent (e.g. ~5%) of contributions will help go towards operational costs.

A better way to give?

We're looking for ways to cut down on transfer fees. If you know a better payment method (Transfer Wise, HiFX, Venmo, etc.) let us know!

Give without a damn

Want to give for give's sake? We gladly accept donations of all kinds. Learn more about how your money make a difference by visiting  our Donations page.